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Raise the bar of competition with the master of
IT Services in Dubai

The IT world is expanding, and so is every corporate business. The race to reach the top position using innovations and technologies is on, always.

Every advancement in the IT space raises the bar of competition. Whether to go with the new and upcoming trends or modify the current technologies, has become a vital question in the corporate world. The clock is ticking, and the technology is advancing, finding the right balance between the two has become a compulsion. To take the route to success and climb the ladder as an ace player, you need ace ‘IT services’ provider..

Does your site design lack the touch of your organization? Is data security, a big concern for your organization? Managing the data has become a task for you? Your previous IT service provider left halfway, and now your server is a big mess? The one and only solution to all these problems are partenring with great IT services company. Behind every successful organization, there lies a strong IT Service provider. If your overall success rate is facing trouble because of weak IT infrastructure, it’s time to upgrade your IT support partners. Take the step towards transformation and see your success rate get double within a week’s time.

To help you in the smooth transition of your IT infrastructure, we are here. Greenware is the top-most organization that offers IT Services in Dubai. Running at pace with the broad technological advancements and thoroughly understanding the insights of IT industry, make us a powerful resource. Being in this industry for over six years and imbibing the IT knowledge for over a decade, we have mastered the skills required to accelerate the success of an organization.

We believe in bringing only the best to the table. To fulfil this purpose, we have a plethora of services for you.

Pre-implementation services.

Our pre-implementation services aim to analyse and design an IT system which would satisfy customer requirements and needs. During this process, our experts analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s current IT services.

Later, we choose the functional and organizational scope of the solution within the allotted budget.

Site Survey

Requirement Analysis

Implementation Plan & Design

Deployment services.

When it comes to deployment services, we have a systematic step-by-step process for it. We make sure that we successfully build, expand or modernize the IT infrastructure of an organization.We follow the latest tech trends to enhance your IT infrastructure.





Knowledge transfer

Post-implementation services.

It is our strong belief that an IT service is successfully implemented, if and only if it stands the test of time. It is the last cornerstone of any service/process. Once the installation and deployment are done, our work does not end there.We continue to bloom the success of a
business using our post-implementation services .

Solution optimization/ Fine-tuning

Proactive maintenance

On-demand support /Maintenance

Service level agreement/Annual maintenance

Dedicated onsite/ Offsite managed services

Consulting services.

All the new technologies are changing the face of the IT industry, and with it, the competition is rising. To perceive the knowledge of each and every new trend, an organization needs a better understanding of disruptive technologies. To do so, we help you recognize the same, by implementing various agile design principles and taking a strategic approach to disruptive technologies.

Data management

Requirement analysis

Solution Design



Solution demo

Security audit

Other IT managed services.

Being amongst the top IT services in Dubai, Greenware understands the need to provide 24×7 services and quick turn around time to the client’s request. Our MAAS (Monitoring as a service), NOC (Network operations system), SOC (Security operations system) and Helpdesk take care of your business with the following services.

System Analysis and Management

Onsite Consultation & Forward Planning

Storage and Server Monitoring

Network Support

IT Resource Management

Data Security

Disaster Recovery

Network Monitoring

Workstation Monitoring

Monthly and Quarterly Reports

Along with the afore-mentioned IT services, the technical services such as the outsourcing
of IT services and annual maintenance contract will take away all the problems that your
business is facing, right there and then.

If you want to see your business touch the sky and wish to get listed amongst
the top organizations in your field, get in touch with us.

Come, join hands with us & take a step towards prosperity.

Who we are

We are Greenware, the leading IT solutions company in Dubai, UAE. We believe business blooms with technological advancement. To make your business, a blooming star, we bring to you a plethora of services such as storage, security, networking virtualisation solution and much more. Our expertise and keeping in-line with the technical trends ensure delivering nothing but the best to our customers.

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